Supporting Growth, Independence and Community Inclusion!

Adult Community Support Program

This community support program for adults offers a wide variety of enriching activities that promote healthy living, strong social connections and community inclusion. Participants choose from a schedule based on their own interests and areas of need. Each day participants are engaged in meaningful activities that foster life skills, independence and self-fulfillment. Participants are valued as individuals and are encouraged to have an active voice in identifying new opportunities to enhance programming.


Affinity‘s adult community support program is located at 400 Riverside Street, Unit C- 1 in Portland, and runs from 9:30 am – 2:00 pm, Monday through Friday, with some additional support hours available after 2:00 pm.


A sampling of daily activities offered at Affinity include: Woodworking | Drama Class | Community Outings | Yoga | Volunteering | Music Therapy | Zumba | Art | Photography

“Affinity has helped me to solve my problems. They help me with my thinking and to keep calm. Affinity had helped me become a gentleman and will help me be somebody important in the future.”


Adult Program Participant