Supporting Growth, Independence and Community Inclusion!

Children’s Services: Rehabilitative Community Support

This skill-development program for children and young adults is designed to meet the needs of each individual through one-on-one support in the home and in community settings. Affinity works with the family and supported individual to identify key social, daily living, and behavioral areas of need, which are used to create an Individual Treatment Plan (ITP). The ITP is designed to address these needs through a set of measurable goals and objectives.

Affinity collaborates with case management, educators, and other relevant professionals to provide integrated service delivery that complements each aspect of the supported individual’s life. The parent/guardian(s) and supported individual remain as lead decision-makers, guiding the process through each step. Parent/guardian engagement is crucial to the success of our services — from input on the service plan to implementation of methods used by the BHP in addressing specific skills.

“[My Program Coordinator] was one of the very few people that I could depend on to stay in touch, do what needed to be done and actually care.”

Lauren – Children’s Program Parent